INDRA will implement the new simulator for French aviation pilots

(To Indra)

Indra, a leading global consulting and technology company, will provide the French Air Force with a new state-of-the-art flight simulator for training pilots of the A330 MRTT in-flight refueling aircraft.

The contract signed with Airbus D&S provides for the delivery of a simulator with level D certification, the highest category for a simulator of this type, obtained under the EASA regulations.

The solution integrates the training of the pilot with that of the officer in charge of performing the complex in-flight refueling operation through the various possible methods.

The aircraft can also play a key role in other types of missions, such as the evacuation of wounded or the transport of personnel.

The system reproduces all types of tactical and possible scenarios of operations, as well as communications with control centers. The cabin is an exact reproduction of the aircraft equipped with the same instrument and features some of the most advanced visual systems.

Indra is recognized as one of the leading global simulator manufacturers, with more than 200 systems delivered to more than 50 customers worldwide. The company has also worked on the development of simulators such as Eurofighter or A400M, providing training solutions to armies around the world, including the United States, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In Italy Indra was responsible for the maintenance and commissioning of aerial simulators at the base of the Italian Navy in Grottaglie (Taranto).

Last year, Indra delivered a simulator for this same aircraft model for pilot training from around the world at the Airbus International Training Center (ITC) in Seville (Spain). For this model of aircraft it has also developed trainers that are currently in operation.