The Iveco - Oto Melara Consortium signs the contract for the new VBM Plus of the Italian Army

(To Iveco - Oto Melara)

The Iveco Consortium - Oto Melara (CIO) announces that the contract for the supply of 14 VBM in the Mortar Door version, 26 VBM Command Post, of which 13 in the Tactical Core version has been signed at the Segredifesa Terrestrial Armaments Department. 13 in the Command Unit version, and 6 “10x10” recovery and rescue vehicles.

The contract, signed on 30 December 2021, is part of the continuation of the supply (so-called "2nd phase") of Medium Armored Vehicles for the Second Medium Brigade of the Italian Army and provides for the adaptation of the configuration of the VBM platform to the so-called version “PLUS” and the supply of multi-year integrated logistic support for all acquired platforms. The update to the “PLUS” version of the VBM “Combat” concerns both the vehicular part and the tower part.

As for the vehicle, the upgrade to common rail technology of the engine should be highlighted, which goes from 550 HP to 660 HP with relative predisposition for future hybrid-electric drives, the upgrade of the driveline to allow an increase in growth potential up to 15% compared to the current one. As regards the tower, Leonardo's upgrade of the firing system is underlined, with the introduction of latest generation electronic components capable of interfacing the new digitized detection and aiming optics "Janus D" and "Lothar D ". Added to this is the supply of the new digital intercom and a completely updated CIS system, which involves the use of the four-channel SDR VQ1 radio and the new Command and Control system, called C2D / N Evo, both by Leonardo.

The new VBM PLUS is characterized by greater mobility, lethality and C4I integration and will allow the Italian Army to face the challenges of the coming years with a vehicle that represents the state of the art in the sector, already integrated into the net-centric architecture of the field. battlefield. Vessel also equipped with the technology that Italy is developing within the European Union system for safe satellite navigation, Galileo PRS. In particular, the new VBM will be equipped with a newly developed experimental satellite receiver which, for the first time, will be able to provide the secure satellite navigation services of the US GPS and the European Galileo PRS system.

To conclude, the vehicle platforms for Recovery and Rescue of Iveco Defense Vehicles are characterized by all-wheel drive on 5 axles, three of which are steered, FPT Industrial's Cursor 16 engine with a power of 680 HP and an innovative cabin capable of guaranteeing the most high standards of crew protection. These vehicles are able to lift and move loads up to 25 t with a stabilized machine and make it possible to recover vehicles that have been damaged, damaged or overturned with a total weight of up to 32 t.