The board of e-GEOS (Telespazio / ASI) appoints a new managing director of the company

(To e-GEOS)

The Board of Directors of e-GEOS, a company set up by Telespazio (80%) and the Italian Space Agency (20%), today appointed Massimo Claudio Comparini as the new CEO of the company. The charge will be effective from the 1 April.

Born in Rome in the 1963, Massimo Claudio Comparini graduated in electronic engineering from the University "La Sapienza" and began his journey in the space industry in the 1983 in Selenia Spazio (later Alenia Spazio) assuming positions of increasing responsibility up to the role of Chief Technology Officer. With the establishment of the joint venture Thales Alenia Space (Thales 67%, Finmeccanica 33%) has assumed the role of head of research and development and product policy, and lastly that of Deputy Chief Technical Officer. In 2013 he was appointed Chief Technical Officer in Telespazio, a joint venture between Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales (33%).

Comparini is chairman of the Space Innovation in Italy Technology Platform and national expert in the space configuration of the European Horizon 2020 program.

The president of e-GEOS, Roberto Ibba, said: "We welcome Massimo Claudio Comparini in his new and prestigious position and we thank Marcello Maranesi, who led the company from its constitution, thirteen years ago, leading it to be a of the most prestigious international realities in the field of earth observation, the conclusion of a long career dedicated to the growth of the sector and geoinformation worldwide ”.