Fincantieri and Almaviva together for sustainable and safe mobility

(To Fincantieri)

Fincantieri, through its subsidiary Fincantieri NexTech, and Almaviva, the leading Italian group in digital innovation, have signed a collaboration agreement to support and accelerate the digitalization process in the transport and logistics sector. The goal is to promote a mobility system that is closer to the new needs for the movement of people and goods, with particular attention to the environmental impact and safety.

The partnership is aimed at developing solutions based on the new paradigms and trends of modern mobility, such as the connected vehicle (car equipped with sensors that allow it to perceive the surrounding reality and interact with it) and the smart road (which allows communication and interconnection between vehicles), aimed at increasing the safety of travel and travelers. Furthermore, applications for transport safety and predictive maintenance processes will be developed, with the support of artificial intelligence algorithms and digital twin, which reproduces all the characteristics of the infrastructure in a three-dimensional and virtually “navigable” digital format.

These solutions will be aimed at all the players in the sector, from managers to operators who offer services, to authorities and public entities in charge of planning and control.

The agreement between the two companies also provides for a development plan on international markets, to enhance the Made in Italy and to ensure that this can also be established in a highly competitive sector, today dominated by player American and Chinese.

Alberto Tripi, President of the Almaviva Group, he has declared: “A significant part of the PNRR resources will be allocated to the transport and logistics sector. This is a unique opportunity for the development of our country in strategic areas such as sustainable mobility and collective transport, road safety and intermodal logistics and with the partnership with Fincantieri we provide the country system with solid skills and digital technologies made in Italy ".

Giuseppe Bono, Chief Executive Officer of FincantieriSaid: “The collaboration brings together the very high innovation content expressed by two companies that consider research and development as an essential driver. Through this initiative we will further increase our digital skills, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence to monitor infrastructures and the territory as well as on the integration of the various mobility networks. In this way we will make an important contribution to the transport sector, certainly one of the main ones on which to converge the best resources of the country ".