Fincantieri will build the new frigates for the US Navy

(To Fincantieri)

The US Department of Defense has awarded the US subsidiary of Fincantieri, Marinette Marine (FMM), a contract worth nearly $ 800 million for the detailed design and construction of the class leader of the "FFG (X)" program to the new US Navy missile frigates.

The contract includes the option for 9 additional ships, in addition to post-sales support and crew training, which will bring the total value to $ 5,5 billion for Fincantieri. As part of the program, the US Navy plans to build an additional 10 units, for a total of 20.

With this success, Fincantieri reaps the fruits of a long work. In addition to developing the Littoral Combat Ships program, which involves the construction of 16 ships (10 of which have already been delivered), last December FMM obtained a multi-billion dollar order for the construction of 4 Multi-Mission Surface Combatants (MMSC) units, intended to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the United States Foreign Military Sales program.

Fincantieri, thanks to the support of the Italian government and a rigorous organizational model based on the culture of work, also applied recently for the new Genoa bridge, has established itself in a competition that has seen the main American shipbuilding groups competing. FMM submitted a project judged to be the most advanced and innovative to the US government and the US Navy, to which the company is recognized. The Group's proposal, in fact, is based on the FREMM frigate platform, considered the best in the world from a technological point of view, on which a program of ten units for the Italian Navy that Fincantieri is completing is based.

FMM represents the spearhead of Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG), led by Dario Deste, who controls two other sites also in the Great Lakes region (Wisconsin) - Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and Fincantieri Ace Marine - and includes commercial and government customers, including including the US Navy and the American Coast Guard.