Electronics to protect the 93rd meeting of the Alpine troops with Snow Leopard

(To Electronics)

On the occasion of the 93rd national meeting of the Alpine troops, held in Rimini, Elettronica contributed to oversee the safety of the infrastructures and the celebrations area with its Anti-drone Snow Leopard, the evolution of the ADRIAN system.

The company, which has been at the forefront for years in providing solutions to combat threats from malicious drones, has deployed its system in collaboration with the protection of the area affected by the event. Snow Leopard which - designed and implemented to be used in contexts where high operational mobility, flexibility and ease of installation and re-deployment are essential features - it is able to operate even in motion and in adverse conditions.

Snow Leopard, conceived with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, is the result of the company's considerable investments in Research and Development and, like the entire family of Anti-Drone products, combines Radar, Direction Finder and Optronic subsystems, all coordinated and managed by a Command and Control system that allows the operator to guarantee the correct execution of the assigned mission.

The Electronics Anti-Drone family can be used with different architectures based on the need to manage the entire operational sequence - from interception to neutralization - with the further possibility of identifying the position of the pilot on the ground.