Defense / Piaggio Aerospace: 125 million contract signed for fleet maintenance P.180

(To Piaggio Aerospace)

A few days from the deadline for sending the expressions of interest for the purchase of its business complexes, a new contract for the value of approximately € 125 million arrives for Piaggio Aerospace. The Ligurian company, in extraordinary administration since the end of 2018, has in fact announced today the signing of a new framework agreement with the Ministry of Defense for the maintenance of the entire fleet of P.180 currently supplied to the various Armed Forces: Air Force, Military Navy, Italian Army and Carabinieri Weapon.

The agreement, signed in Rome between the Aeronautical Armaments and Airworthiness Directorate which belongs to the Dicastery and the Extraordinary Commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace Vincenzo Nicastro, provides in particular that the aeronautical company guarantees Integrated Logistic Support for nine consecutive years all P.180 aircraft owned by the Defense, with the aim of keeping them efficient at the various operating bases. Among the planned activities: scheduled maintenance, extraordinary maintenance, the supply of engineering services to ensure the navigability of the fleet and the supply of spare parts.

These aircraft, among other things, are intended for passenger transport, ambulance, radiomeasure and training activities.

"The order announced today allows to further strengthen the distinctive positioning of Piaggio Aerospace in the maintenance of both aircraft and aircraft engines, a segment that sees the company among the main international operators", commented Vincenzo Nicastro, Extraordinary Commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace. "This is a new important step forward in the project for the creation of a single national pole for the maintenance of the aircraft of the Armed Forces and a further step in the process of relaunching the company, which will shortly see the closure of the first phase of the call international sales ".

Piaggio Aerospace introduces itself to potential buyers, who have until 29 May to send their expressions of interest, with a respectable order book. With the contract announced today, the value of the order backlog in progress rises to over 640 million.