Statement by Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, on the agreement between Telesat and Thales Alenia Space

(To Leonardo)

"Our joint venture Thales Alenia Space once again demonstrates solidity and credibility with the signing of the contract for the construction of the Lightspeed satellite constellation, nearly 300 satellites in low orbit that use innovative technologies, to provide high-performance professional broadband services in all world. The consolidated collaboration of the space industries of Italy and France, oriented towards excellence and the achievement of international leadership, has led us today to secure this important project " commented Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo's CEO.

Profumo added: “Sustainable development will increasingly depend on the possibility of being connected in a safe and reliable way, overcoming inequalities and barriers. Today's agreement places Thales Alenia Space and Telesat at the center of one of the main hubs of the digitization process. "