£ 317 million contract to develop Royal Air Force Typhoon next generation radars

(To Leonardo)

A £ 317 million contract to develop the next generation of radar for the Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoon will support hundreds of jobs and help develop technologies for the UK's next generation fighter aircraft system (UK's Future Combat Air System).

BAE Systems and Leonardo have been awarded a contract to develop the European Common Radar System Mark 2 (ECRS Mk2) electronic scanning radar (AESA), to a standard ready to be integrated on RAF Typhoons.

The contract will secure over 600 highly skilled jobs across the country, including more than 300 at the Leonardo site in Edinburgh, over 100 defense electronics specialists at the Luton group site, and 120 engineers at the Lancashire BAE Systems plant. .

The ECRS2 MK2 radar is equipped with a multi-functional antenna (MFA) which will give UK Typhoons superior electronic attack capability, in addition to traditional radar functions including broadband electronic attack capability.

This will allow RAF pilots to locate, identify and neutralize enemy air defenses using powerful jamming. They will be able to engage targets beyond the range of the threat - even when they are looking in another direction - and operate within range of the opposing air defenses, remaining fully protected.

This revolutionary capability will replace the mechanically scanning radars that RAF Typhoons are currently equipped with and will ensure the UK maintains autonomy in air power wherever and whenever needed. Additionally, it will allow the Typhoon to interoperate with future data-driven weapon systems to combat rapidly evolving air defenses, ensuring British Typhoons continue to dominate the battlefield for years to come.