Delivered the 300 ° CH-47F Chinook to the US Army


Boeing delivered the 75th CH-300F Chinook helicopter to the US Army 47 days early this month. "This event marks yet another milestone for the CH-47F program," said Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hauenstein, product manager for the CH-47F program army.

"More importantly, having achieved the result in advance and respecting the expected costs. We would not have been able to do it without the collaboration between all the people who revolve around the Chinook."  

The CH-47F has a modernized cell, an Avionics Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) that improves the vision of the situation for the crew and an automatic digital flight control system (DAFCS) that allows advanced uses in the control of the flight in the various conditions in which the helicopter is used.

Since the completion of the first CH-47F Chinook in the 2006, 18 units of the US Army and National Guard have been trained and equipped with the aircraft.  

Source: Boeing

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