2,6 billion awarded to Boeing for the 5 production batch of KC-46A Tankers

(To Boeing)

The US Force today awarded Boeing a contract from 2,6 billion dollars for 15 KC-46A tanker aircraft, for spare parts, support equipment, spare engines and refueling pod kits for the wings. With this fifth production batch Boeing now has a contract for 67 KC-46 tanker.

Boeing received its first two production batches, for 7 and 12 aircraft, in August 2016. The third lot, for 15 aircraft, was awarded in January 2017; the fourth, for 18 aircraft, in September 2018.

"We are honored to produce the next generation of Air Force tankers and recognize the importance of this program for our nation" commented Jamie Burgess, vice president and program manager of the Boeing KC-46A tanker. "This has been a crucial year for the KC-46 and a great credit to all this goes to our solid partnership with the Air Force. We expect to do great things together in the coming years ".

Boeing plans to build 179 of the 767-based refueling aircraft for the Air Force to replace its historic fleet. The company delivered the first tankers to the Air Force in January 2019.

Boeing received its initial contract to design and develop the latest Air Force tanker aircraft in the 2011. The KC-46A is a multi-role tanker capable of supplying Allied aircraft and the military coalition compatible with international air supply procedures and capable of carrying passengers, cargo and patients.

Boeing is assembling the KC-46 aircraft at its plant in Everett, Washington, and recently began production of the first KC-46 for Japan.