At the fair of the east ... a new formidable drone?


Lhe press office of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, a subsidiary of Rostec, presented its “Chirok”, a brand new drone defined as one of a kind, shortly after 13pm today, during the first day of the Innoprom exhibition. And that it really is something different from the current world landscape is out of the question.

The drone is equipped with an air cushion landing system and is able to take off from any type of terrain: water, swamps, dirt roads and with snow. Obviously it can move on any type of terrain compared to other aircraft that on those surfaces could not even land.

The drone has already been tested in Zhukovsky, a city 40 km from Moscow, which hosts the MAKS air show.

The Chirok was designed for observation and reconnaissance, but the armed version was already presented to the Russian army.

The maximum take-off weight of the Chirok is 700 kg, while it can carry a payload of 300 kg. The UAV can carry opto-electronic reconnaissance devices, while the armed version will be equipped with bombs, rockets and high-precision missiles.

The drone can rise to a maximum height of 6.000 meters (about 19.600 feet) at a maximum distance of 2.500 kilometers (about 1.550 miles) from the base.

Innoprom is an international industrial exhibition held every year in Yekaterinburg, in the federal district of the Urals.

The exhibition opened its doors today and will end next Saturday, 12 July.

Franco Iacch