The digitalization of Leonardo's UK factories in the Electronics sector is underway

(To Leonardo)

- A data-driven approach to design and manufacturing processes. This is the new model launched by Leonardo for the factories of the Electronics Division based in the United Kingdom. Initially the sites involved will be those of Edinburgh, Luton, Basildon and Southampton.

Based on a shared data environment, the new method will accelerate development processes and reduce costs, while the company's engineers and experts will focus on research and development of advanced technologies, such as radar and countermeasures for aircraft. By making the most of the data collected, Leonardo will be able to provide the British Armed Forces and its allies more rapidly with innovative, technology-intensive solutions. The shared environment will also form the basis of the broader digital transformation program that is affecting Leonardo's UK-based businesses.

A peculiar feature of the new method is the secure acquisition of the enormous amount of data generated daily within the entire organization. Operators will use a suite of tools, including a new platform, to use data at the highest level to help optimize, improve and speed up programs under development.

Other advantages of having a shared environment are the ability to automate and simplify time-consuming activities and to support decision-making with essential information. Initial tests of the new approach have shown that an analysis that takes four hours can be done in thirty seconds, just as a radar test cycle can be shortened from several days to a few hours.

This model demonstrates that Leonardo's high-tech business is driven by the innovative thinking of people, including the 8.000 highly skilled technicians in the UK. By simplifying processes and automating activities that require very long times, the company is committed to reducing the time commitment and lightening the work of operators to make room for activities with greater added value, such as design and problem solving. A recent independent study by Oxford Economics showed that Leonardo UK employees are around 80% more productive than the national average. The growing use of big data and other future initiatives will further increase this capacity.

The shared data environment will make it possible to achieve important results right from the start. However, this is only part of the transformation program launched by Leonardo in the United Kingdom, of which it will represent the "digital backbone" for a series of engineering and logistics initiatives, including digital engineering projects, integrated planning, supply chain e digital factory. This will be followed by a transition to the cloud to be completed by the end of the year. By implementing this approach, Leonardo will also improve the ability to provide similar models for customers who are similarly moving towards a data-driven future, such as the UK Ministry of Defense.