Airbus and its partners reveal the details of the new Eurofighter ECR concept

(To Airbus)

During the International Fighter Conference in Berlin, Airbus and its partners presented for the first time the concrete details of the new concept of the Eurofighter ECR (Electronic Combat Role). This will expand the multi-role capabilities of the Eurofighter and further increase the chances of survival of coalition forces in hostile environments.

Collaborative electronic warfare capabilities are essential for future combined air operations.

The capabilities of the Eurofighter ECR will be available within the 2026, followed by further development phases and full integration into the future air combat system (FCAS) ecosystems.

The Eurofighter ECR will be able to provide the position of a passive emitter as well as the active threat block and will offer a variety of modular configurations for electronic attack (EA) and suppression / destruction of enemy anti-aircraft defenses (SEAD / DEAD ). The latest national escort jammer technology will guarantee national control over features such as mission data and data analysis. The concept also features a new two-seater cockpit configuration with a multi-function panoramic touch screen and a specific passenger compartment for the rear seat mission.

The project is coordinated by leading aerospace companies such as Airbus, Hensoldt, MBDA, MTU, Premium Aerotec and Rolls-Royce and supported by German state-owned companies BDSV and BDLI. Specifically meets the requirements of the German air force for an electronic air attack capability.

The Eurofighter constitutes the backbone of the German air defense. With over 600 contracted aircraft and a workforce of 100.000 people, it is today the largest collaborative defense program in Europe.