Agenzia Industrie Difesa and Baschieri & Pellagri sign an agreement for the production of spherical powders

(To AID)

The general manager of the Defense Industries Agency, Nicola Latorre, and the legal representative of Baschieri & Pellagri, Alessandro Fioravanti, today signed the agreement for the concession and management, through a public-private partnership, of the spherical powder production plants of the Propellant Military Plant of Fontana Liri in the province of Frosinone. 

The cooperation between the Defense Industries Agency, an in-house body of the Ministry of Defense, and Baschieri & Pellagri, a Fiocchi Group company specialized in the design, production and distribution of powders, constitutes an important result for the industrial consolidation of Defense activities and recognizes the strategic importance of the production units located throughout the country. 

The restart of gunpowder production at the Fontana Liri plants, interrupted in 2017, represents an important result for the Agency, which aims to strengthen and expand industrial synergies with national companies in order to enhance Defense assets. Furthermore, particular attention is paid to adapting to the most recent standards of technological efficiency and safety which will make it possible to reduce at the same time the dependence on foreign countries for strategic supplies.

With the restart of gunpowder production and the reactivation of the hydroelectric plant which took place in 2022, the significant milestone in the context of the industrial relaunch project of the Propellenti Military Plant which was contained in the 2021-2023 Three-Year Industrial Plan of the Defense Industries Agency is concluded.