Friday 30 December at 15.00 pm "A129 Mangusta: the Italian combat helicopter"


L'A129 Mongoose it performed its first official flight in 1983 and was the first European anti-tank helicopter. Over the years it has undergone several updates, both in terms of sensors and armament, to adapt it to the changed operational scenarios.

Starting from 2028 it should begin to be replaced by the new helicopter, the AW-249.

Why was Italy in the early 80s the only country on the continent to create such a platform?

What were the problems of youth?

In which operational theaters did it appear and had its baptism of fire?

In light of the experiences of the Ukrainian theater of war and the threats that are characterizing it, is the attack helicopter still a versatile combat platform?

We will discuss it Friday 30 December at 15.00pm in the latest episode of Single use of 2022 (Online Defense Facebook and YouTube channels) with Tiziano Ciocchetti.

See you there!

Photo: Italian Army