Friday 24 at 15.00 SINGLE USE "AMX Ghibli: the honest Italian light warrior"


Developed and entered into service at the end of the Cold War based on a joint Italian-Brazilian requirement, the AMX ("Ghibli" in the Air Force) was the only modern aircraft designed solely for light ground attack missions.

Subject of bitter controversy since its inception, the development program which saw the participation of both Aeritalia and Aermacchi finally produced a vehicle with interesting characteristics which managed, in any case, to assert itself in the role for which it was been thought out, proving to be up to many contemporary projects.

Friday 24 at 15.00, in a new episode of Single use, with Andrea Gaspardo, we will talk about the history of the AMX, the development process that led it to make its first flight almost forty years ago, the technical characteristics and operational use that make it an example of an Italian fixed-wing military aircraft of big production.

See you there!

Photo: US DoD