Friday 23rd at 21.00pm: "Two years of war. How much longer will the Ukrainian defense last?"


Zelensky's statements highlight Ukrainian determination but also awareness of military challenges.

Abroad, the compactness of the economic and military aid front could record surprises over the course of a year with several key electoral issues, let's just think of the US one...

The Italian Chamber of Deputies recently approved the decree extending the transfer of military materials to Ukraine until the end of 2024, in line with the Atlantic policy of condemning Russian aggression. This strengthens the national commitment, already evident for two years, in providing military and economic support to Kiev.

Without Western support, Kiev would have lost the war long ago. Without continued support, even in potential peace negotiations, Ukraine will be at a totally disadvantaged position.

There is currently a consensus in the Atlantic Alliance on the need to strengthen deterrence against Russia, which could take years to rebuild its forces. To date, despite security guarantees, Ukrainian membership of NATO is not expected in the short term.

Recent internal military choices in Ukraine finally raise concerns about the impact on the conflict and on troop morale...

Friday 23 at 21.00, together with the general Giuseppe Morabito, we will discuss the prospects of the Ukrainian conflict for the current year.

See you there!

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