Friday 19 at 21.00 "WW3: why China fears (or should fear) water"


"China depends on the sea for its livelihood, from energy to raw materials, to the food needs of the population including the raiding of fish stocks, to its exports, but it is not (yet) a maritime nation, it does not (yet) have the domination of the sea and it is not inevitable that I will be able to obtain it".

With the author of the article Did the Dragon really learn to swim?Gian Carlo Poddighe (former Naval Engineering Officer and trajectory as Industrial Manager, with experience in international JVs), and other guests, we will try to understand why the maritime confrontation for which the two superpowers are preparing cannot be based on simple numbers.

War at sea, in history, has already imparted severe lessons to empires and their respective absolute rulers. Will it happen again?

We are waiting for you, together with your questions, Friday 19 at 21.00!