Friday 18th at 12.00 SINGLE USE: "Which armored fighting vehicle will protect our soldiers?"


The upgrade of older M-113 troop carriers and Vcc-80 infantry fighting vehicles Dart less and less convinces the General Staff of the Army, oriented towards acquiring the military in a relatively short time CV-90 MkIV already adopted by other European armies (photo). Rheinmetall offers its own KF41 Lynx, more expensive but more performing.

Are there any alternatives?

Why is this an emergency?

Can we hope for a selection that prioritizes the protection of soldiers and combat capability as requirements?

Are there technological and industrial opportunities to evaluate or will it be a simple purchase under license to be produced by the usual suspects?

We discuss it Friday 18 November at 12.00 together with Tiziano Ciocchetti, the head of the "military world" area of ​​the newspaper, in a new episode of "Single Use" (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube social channels).

See you there!

Photo: BAE Systems