Friday 15 March at 21.00 pm "Private security in Italy: overview and news"


After two years of intense work, the safety landscape in Italy undergoes a profound transformation with the evolution of PdR 54 of 2019 into two innovative UNI standards. These regulations, the result of collaboration between AISS (Italian Association of Subsidiary Safety), Federpol and other bodies, define the standards for safety-related services, outlining the requirements and skills of operators in this crucial sector.

But what is the private security situation in Italy?

What has changed with the introduction of the new rules?

What more would be needed?

To understand it, Friday 15 March at 21.00 pm we meet Franco Cecconi, president of AISS, e Luciano Tommaso Ponzi, national president of Federpol e Claudio Verzola, vice president and head of the AISS cyber security sector.

We are waiting for you with your questions!