In September, in Amalfi, the twelfth conference "Security and Cryptography for Networks" (SCN 2020)

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

The most important world event on cryptography will be held in Amalfi (Salerno) between 12 and 14 September 2020: the 12th conference on "Security and Cryptography for Networks (SCN 2020)".

The safety and health of all participants will be guaranteed, ready to switch to "remote" mode if health events so require.

The goal of SCN is to bring together researchers from the field of cryptography andInformation Security, experts, developers and users, to develop cooperation, the exchange of information, techniques, tools, experiences and ideas.

The conference, which has been held in Italy since 1996, is organized in cooperation with the "International Association for Cryptologic Research Proceedings".

A special issue of the "Journal of Computer Security" will be completely devoted to SNC 2020 papers.

It is possible to register for the event from 11 July 2020 for those who intend to present a paper, while public registrations will be open starting from 5 August and no later than 5 September, according to the procedures indicated on the site.

In Italy there has always been a rich community of experts and cryptography enthusiasts who will be able to take advantage of the latest research in the field, in the splendid setting of the city of Amalfi.

Among the most famous names of the past, a special thought goes to a great Italian scholar, better known for his studies on architecture than for his contributions to cryptography, Leon Battista Alberti. Author of "De Componendis Cifris", at the end of the 400th century Alberti faced the problem of the encryption systems of the time and invented one of the first examples of polyalphabetic cipher.

To talk about the present day, however, the importance of the sector in all that concerns new technologies and the security of data and systems is undoubted.

The encryption algorithms are constantly evolving and the new world of quantum encryption promises to be of great interest for research and the defense industry.