Saturday 6 May at 15.00: "Tanks of the Russo-Ukrainian War"


Introduced into combat for the first time 107 years ago, during the First World War, the tank also confirmed its role as an indispensable element in the battlefields of modern warfare in the contemporary Russo-Ukrainian War. For a year now, however, there have been countless errors, mystifications and real lies what a great role they played in creating confusion around a topic whose balanced description and aseptic understanding is instead vital to everyone.

In this special episode of Single use, Saturday 6 May at 15.00, we will talk together with Andrea Gaspardo of the origin and development of Russian and Ukrainian armored forces, of the technical characteristics of the means used by them, of the industrial infrastructures to support the war effort of both countries and of what the future implications of this conflict could be if it drags on for years and years.

We will also try to understand if and how tanks of western origin can bring some added value to the Ukrainian war effort or if they will be yet another "Wunderwaffen" whose aura of invincibility will break against the harsh reality of the battlefield.

See you there!

Photo: Twitter