This evening at 21.00 pm "WW3: in the meantime, the Chinese regime profits and strengthens itself..."


In the shadow of the Russian-Ukrainian war, between interests and multiple (others') responsibilities, China silently profits and extends its political and military influence.

For decades, a short-sighted Western vision has favored immediate economic advantage without considering the long-term political and social implications. Today the constant violation of the rules has compromised global stability.

Why did the illusion that Chinese well-being could lead to democratic political and institutional adjustment fail?

Why has favoring oligopolies and dictatorships created fertile ground for international crises?

Why shouldn't we make indiscriminate comparisons between peace and war economies today?

What should we do to prepare for what's on the horizon?

We will discuss it tonight at 21.00 together with Francesco Pontelli (economist, business consultant and economic journalist) and to the general Giuseppe Morabito (member of the board of the NATO Defense College Foundation).

See you there!

Photo: China MoD