This evening at 21.00 pm "Single Use: Italian guided ammunition (true excellence!)"


The interception of drones (low cost) in the Red Sea by Ship Duilio, beyond the undisputed skill of the crews, has a protagonist: the 76/62 cannon Strales. System that also allows the use of guided ammunition.

DART, DAVIDE and VULCANO represent the cutting edge of technology in the war and maritime fields.

The bullet DART, with its maneuverability and precision, is ideal for intercepting anti-ship missiles, aerial and asymmetric threats.

DAVID/Strales, offers an advanced solution for defending against closer threats, combining deadly precision with innovative RF guidance.

VOLCANO, with its ability to strike targets at long ranges, transforms any naval or land artillery piece into a long-range precision platform.

These systems, together, provide naval forces with unprecedented defensive and offensive capability, underscoring the nation's commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

Let's delve deeper into the topic tonight at 21.00 together with Gaius Mussolini, former submarine commander of the Navy, Area Manager of OTO Melara and manager in the defense sector.

See you there!

Photo: Marina Military