Tonight at 21.00 Defense ON AIR: "Reserve forces as integral parts of the land forces. Are we waiting for it to be late?"


According to various sources, the number of fallen and wounded in Ukraine would have exceeded the impressive value of 100.000 for each deployment in fight. The recall to service, combined with the recruitment, of hundreds of thousands of men and women was therefore fundamental to endure to this day.

Italy today has a land force of just over 90.000 military personnel. Almost a year after the outbreak of a war less than 700 kilometers from our eastern border it is imperative to start worrying and ask yourself: "what if it were our turn?". Of course, without forgetting other dramatic aspects (read "serious shortcomings") and remembering that realities such as the current "selected reserve" - ​​in wartime and no longer peacekeeping - is absolutely not a sufficient resource, given the scale we are speaking.

How could/could our country solve the problem?

Would that of the "reserve" be the only way to complete and/or increase the capabilities necessary for carrying out the Army's institutional tasks?

How should the current legislation be adapted and adjusted?

We'll talk about it tonight at 21.00, in a new episode of Difesa ON AIR, thanks to the availability of the Army Study Center.

Speakers include:

general Luigi Scollo

dr. Angel Jacob

See you there!

Photo: US DoD