Tonight at 21.00 ON AIR Defense "Sinking of the missile cruiser MOSKVA: errors, Ukrainian mandrakate or ... other people's hand?"


On the evening of April 13, 2022, the Russian flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the missile cruiser Moscow ("Moscow") is on fire. The Ukrainian governor of Odessa oblast says the ship was hit by cruise missiles Neptune.

In the late evening of April 14, 2022, the Russian defense ministry confirmed the sinking of the ship due to severe damage suffered by the cruiser while towing towards Sevastopol.

Of the 485 crew members, 54 were reportedly rescued by a Turkish ship.

The blow suffered by the Russian armed forces is certainly strong and symbolic.

But what was Moskva?

What probably happened and what is not credible from the many reconstructions carried out?

How much will the loss of the ship affect the war?

What is the severity of a fire aboard a vessel?

We will discuss it tonight at 21.00 in a new installment live di ON AIR defense (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube channels)

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Photo: MoD Fed Russa