Today at 17.00 "The real war is approaching? Interview (in connection with Israel) with Dr Ely Karmon"


The world has changed. What in Italy is unfortunately still seen by some as a "regional" conflict, is increasingly showing its disturbing effects around the globe.

Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America are experiencing crises whose effects will probably "end" in five years, not months.

What is happening and why?

Which are and will be the key countries that should not be underestimated?

Is Israel prepared to face the new challenges on the horizon?

...and U.S?

Has the ability to predict and defuse events declined in recent decades?

We'll talk about it this afternoon at 17.00 (in connection with Israel) with the Dr Ely Karmon (political scientist, researcher at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism ICT and at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the IDC Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel).

See you there!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD