Today at 13.30 "Artillery: indispensable protagonist of the battlefields?"


In today's episode of "SINGLE USE", the series of Online Defense dedicated to weapon systems, we will deal with a whole large family: theArtillery.

We will talk about the fundamental role played in many modern conflicts, from Vietnam to the wars in sub-Saharan Africa, passing through those of Israel (Six days e Yom kippur), from the Balkans to the current one in Ukraine.

"The good Lord is always on the side of the best artillery!", said a famous French officer centuries ago ...

But why is such an ancient structure still indispensable today?

What price do you pay not to have them or to have outdated and obsolete systems?

What does the ongoing war teach (or should teach)?

We will find out today at 13.30 pm with Tiziano Ciocchetti, our manager of the "Military World" area.

We look forward to meeting your questions!

Photo: US DoD