Wednesday 25 May at 21.00: "Will the war in Ukraine foster instability in the Middle East?"


The war in Ukraine is and will increasingly be a "hybrid" war: actions (even distant ones) will be added to the conventional confrontation to fight the adversary and his allies and supporters.
And Italy - beyond the usual and useless political rhetoric - is NATO's weak link ...

Israel is not openly aligned and is in a key position.

Is there a risk that a new terrorist wave will hit actors (or extras) in the balance?

How do the balances change with the lightening of the Russian weight in the Middle East and North Africa (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya ...)?

What are the new relations between Russia and Israel?

For Putin, will Iran still be a "friend" for a long time or increasingly a comrade who has also fallen into Beijing's network?

Wednesday 25 May at 21.00 pm in the episode of Defense ON AIR (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube channels) we will discuss this and more with the Israeli anti-terrorism expert Lion Udler.