Wednesday 18 May at 21.00 pm "Combat in an urban environment: HELL!"


A month after the first announcements of the taking of Mariupol, the Azovstal steel mill is still resisting. The city has already claimed a high toll of blood for the attackers - in the order of thousands of fallen - and at least 2.500 Russians (according to Ukrainian sources) have today lost their lives trying to conquer the steel plant.

The bloodiest battlefield of modern conflicts is one surrounded by concrete, rubble and steel.

But why is urban combat so difficult and complex?

And why does the underground one become even more hell?

What are the strategies and tactics of attack and defense?

How do you train?

Do you train ...?

Wednesday 18 May at 21.00 pm, in a new episode of Defense ON AIR (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube channels) we will ask these and many other questions (including yours) to two former Army raiders to get a reliable picture of who that type of combat - real and / or simulated - lived it.

Do not miss it!