Wednesday 13 March at 21.00 pm "Mercenaries: the profession of war from ancient Greece to the Wagner Group"


A book has just been published that tells the story of mercenary warfare through the entire chronology of conflicts, from the ancient Greek warriors in the service of Cyrus the Younger, to the modern contractors International.

Soldiers of fortune, driven by profit or booty, have marked the history of war, from the medieval Varangian Guard to the Renaissance mercenary companies and beyond.

Despite a decline with the advent of national armies, since the 20th century mercenaries have regained relevance in global conflicts, demonstrating the persistent influence of "soldiers of fortune" in the dynamics of warfare.

What is the correct parallel that can be made in the various eras up to ours?

Are the national limits for the exploitation of a potentially important resource for our country cultural, legal or other?

Can anyone who enlists merely for a salary be defined as a "mercenary"?

We will ask Wednesday 13 March at 21.00 pm to the author, the ambassador Domenico Vecchioni.

See you there!