Thursday 22 February at 21.00 pm: "The transition to positional warfare on the Russian-Ukrainian front and the failure of the 2023 Ukrainian counteroffensive"


Two years after the Russian invasion of a sovereign state which triggered the unstoppable domino of the Third World War, Thursday 22 February at 21.00, we will delve deeper into the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield.

We will analyze the tactical reasons that led to the consolidation of the front and the transition from a war of maneuver to the static nature of trench warfare for the opposing forces.

We will evaluate the tactical errors committed by Ukrainian forces in the 2023 counteroffensive attempt.

And the subsequent replacement of Zaluzhny with Syrsky...

We will do it thanks to the guest of the episode Nicola Cristadoro: military analyst, intelligence expert and information operations, essayist and author of several texts on the Russian military world.

See you there!

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