Day of the Navy 2019, the flag of combat in Nave Martinengo was delivered to Taranto

(To Anita Fiaschetti)

Taranto, the city of the two seas, but also of the two souls - the civil and the military, as defined by the Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta - hosted today, after 12 years, the ceremony of the Navy Day.

A day full of emotions, celebrated in the 101 anniversary of Premuda's 10 Jun 1918, when two torpedo boats departing from the port of Ancona, under the command of Corvette Captain Luigi Rizzo and Ensign Giuseppe Aonzo, surprised the Austrian battle team sinking the battleship Santo Stefano. A ceremony that began with the review, by the highest authorities, of the ships deployed in the Naval Mar Grande Station and of the women and men of the Armed Forces representing their own bodies.

Women and men to whom all the authorities present expressed their esteem, like Minister Trenta, who said to them: "On this day so significant, there is all my satisfaction for the work you do and for the commitment and dedication you put in every day". Women and men who also received the praise of the President of the Republic, recalled by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Valter Girardelli:"The President of the Republic in his cordial message of good wishes for this anniversary, has defined you as an example of loyalty, devotion and professionalism, witnesses of the culture of Italy and of the values ​​of the Constitution. We must be proud and proud of the consideration that the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces reserves for us and of the trust that you have in you".

To date 2.000 are the sailors located on the four continents; but above all in the seas, in the skies, in the oceans of the world, engaged in activities and operations for stability and international security. "Our present is uncertain. The threats and instabilities are in dangerous increase in the Mediterranean and in all the seas of the planet. This is why we need a persistent military tool, capable of extending the effects of its capabilities over time and space"Said the Minister of Defense, who then added a sentence by Admiral Hamilton of the Royal Navy that reads: "A Navy does not fall from the clouds, a Navy is the fullest expression of the genius of a people, of a nation"to underline how much the Italian Navy has always been in the wake of constant modernization.

The Defense Chief of Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli, also spoke of the role and importance of the Navy within the inter-force component, stating: “The Navy is a living and dynamic component, animated by an extraordinary human capital. I am sure that in the future he will be able to continue in a certain and conscious manner to give his contribution to the military instrument by continuing to ensure in particular the control of maritime spaces and communication lines, as well as the projection of capacity from the sea. In light of the complexity of the challenges in the modern scenario, these last two activities can be effectively carried out only if the operational capabilities of the maritime component will be increasingly integrated with those operating in the terrestrial, aerospace, information and cyber domain.".

Maritime component which Admiral Girardelli also spoke of stating: "Before our eyes a perfect compendium of tradition and innovation: on the one hand, the seafaring tradition that Nave Vespucci represents during its dislocations for training campaigns and naval diplomacy as Italy's illustrious ambassador. On the other hand, technological innovation is the result of a precious and synergistic collaboration between the Marina, Industry, Universities and research centers that allows the creation of complex systems, such as FREMM, submarines, appreciated by all friendly and allied Marines. Today's is a first-class Navy of the highest level, perfectly representative of an important country like Italy, an active protagonist in international and economic organizations. This slow but incessant development must continue, it is the task of all of us ".

During the ceremony the FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigate) Combat Flag was handed over from the city of Taranto Federico Martinengo that, after a period of employment in the operation Atalanta, is officially available to the Defense and to the service of the Fatherland. Flag that will be kept in the chest donated by the National Association of Sailors of Italy of Taranto. In the morning, also delivered the honors to Navy personnel who stood out for their work.