Defense ON AIR (tonight at 21.00): "Contemporary war theaters"

(To Andrea Cucco)

"When I arrived in Kiev on February 18, 2014, I didn't find exactly what I expected ..." These are the first words of the book Contemporary war theaters of the photojournalist Giorgio Bianchi.

Recently returned home from a hot area, tonight at 21.00, live on Difesa ON AIR (pages Facebook e Youtube di Difesa Online), we meet the author to understand and share experiences "behind the scenes" of many forgotten scenarios, from the conflict in Donbass to the Syrian one.

Giorgio Bianchi is one of the rare compatriots who brought and takes the camera lens directly to the war front. Let's say that, if it were a cat, some of the 7 lives would have already played ...

We will discuss geopolitics and war but also the simple best way to move or the equipment to carry around in "complicated" areas.

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Photo: Giorgio Bianchi