ON AIR Defense (tonight at 21.00): "Afghanistan mon amour"

(To Andrea Cucco)

He wrote a critical letter recounting his own - direct - experience gained in various shifts of service in Afghanistan.

The story, which went viral via facebook and WhatsApp, met with (almost) unanimous approval among colleagues.

Mauro Scorzato, officer of the 160th Academy course, retired colonel since 2015. After several international experiences both as a UN Observer and as a staff officer in NATO commands, he served in Afghanistan in 2005 with the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Italy (NRDC IT), in 2007 in the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) on a 151st rgt basis. “SASSARI” and then with the “SASSARI” brigade as Chief Liaison Officer (head of the Liaison Team) of Regional Command West under Italian leadership with ISAF Joint Command. In particular, before the deployment with NRDC IT, for the only Italian-led command of ISAF he carried out an intense cycle of study on Afghanistan aimed at knowing its historical, political and ethnographic aspects.

We interview him this evening, Wednesday 1 September to 21.00, its ON AIR defense.

Photo: Born - ISAF