Defense ON AIR (WEDNESDAY 3 AT 21.00): "protection in crisis areas"

(To Andrea Cucco)

The Italians are and - unless a radical change of course - will increasingly be the paying target of intimidation, kidnappings and attacks.

It is not a sudden emergency, it is the simple result of years of indolence and condescension towards bandits (at best) and murderers.

Why in a high-risk area like the Congolese one was the representative of our country not protected as much as he himself requested?

Is there a risk that "aiming for Italian" is now the least dangerous and most profitable target?

How do you protect personnel on duty in hot or simply uncertain areas?

We'll talk about it Wednesday 3 March at 21.00 pm, live on "ON AIR defense".


- Gianpiero Spinelli (former paratrooper of Folgore and contractor for US Defense in high-risk areas)

- Souad Sbai (Italian journalist, politician and essayist)

- Francesco Bergamo (Deputy Director of Online Defense)

- Tiziano Ciocchetti (Head of Online Defense "Military World" area)

Photo: Defense Online