Defense ON AIR (WEDNESDAY 24 AT 21.00): "Hypersonic missiles, do we still have time to ignore these game changers?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Hypersonic weapon: any missile or object capable of reaching and maintaining speeds greater than 5 times the speed of sound (6136 km / h or higher!).

While the Italian defense realizes that it does not have ammunition for the already small national assets, elsewhere a revolution continues. We are talking about a technological acceleration that will redefine equilibrium and values ​​on the pitch.

The protagonists are for now Giants like the United States, China and the Russian Federation.

What challenge can a small country like Italy take up?

Why would hypersonic missiles be "game changers"?

Can we stick our head in a hole in the ground again?

We talk about it on Wednesday 24th at 21.00, live on "Difesa ON AIR".


- general Pasquale Preziosa (former Chief of Staff of the Air Force)

- honorable Anna Cinzia Bonfrisco (MEP, member of the Foreign Affairs Commission - Defense and Security Subcommittee, Budget Commission)