Defense ON AIR (WEDNESDAY 17 AT 21.00): "Mare Vostrum: could the Navy be an instrument of a less submissive policy?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Italy is not Switzerland, it is surrounded by 7.500 kilometers of coastline and has (inherited) millenary maritime traditions.

In recent years, the temper of governments has translated into sensational about-face on the high seas. The important thing was not to make it known or to boast "sagacity" and "pacifism" (see the lack of reaction in the infamous episode of the Saipem 12000 or failure to intervene to protect the fishermen of Mazara del Vallo).

But what would happen if a government in Italy realized that the Mediterranean, once known as "Mare Nostrum", represents the National Interest?

Would our Navy be able to stand up to the bully on duty if an unexpected order came?

Are our warships properly armed?

Are military personnel, after years of political abuse of the term "dual use", still aware and prepared for their primary task?

We will try to understand it on Wednesday 17 at 21.00 at "Difesa ON AIR".


adm. Giuseppe De Giorgi (former Navy Chief of Staff)

on. Matteo Perego di Cremnago (defense commission of the Chamber)

dr. Tiziano Ciocchetti (Head of the Online Defense Military Area)

See you there!

Photo: US Navy