Defense ON AIR (Wednesday 14 at 21.00): "Suez, the Italian problem"

(To Staff)

On 23 March 2021 the container ship Ever given runs aground in the Suez Canal. The day after the accident, over 250 ships are queued.

Was it really an accident?
Have lessons been or will be learned?
Beyond the rhetoric, what is the real importance of the Canal?

We'll talk about it Wednesday 14 at 21.00 live on "ON AIR defense"(Facebook and Youtube).


Roberto Domini, naval officer of the reserve, Cesmar president and expert in maritime strategy;
Giancarlo Poddighe, naval officer of the reserve, vice president Cesmar and naval engineer with experience in the national industry;
Fabio Caffio, naval officer of the reserve, member of Cesmar and expert in the law of the sea.

Photo: National Ocean Service