ON AIR Defense "Intelligence and Secret Services: what they are, what they are for and who they enlist"

(To Andrea Cucco)

The world of Intelligence is constantly changing and certainly it is not the films that correctly explain its functioning and logic.

To "enter" a field of knowledge that it shouldn't be reserved for a few ma popular, we meet prof. Antonio Teti, professor of IT Governance and Big Data, Cyber ​​Intelligence, ICT Management and ICT Security.

With the author of numerous texts on secret services, cybersecurity and intelligence we will try to understand a world that, in our opinion, should be actively "discovered".

We will try to understand:

What was espionage and what is it today?

How is recruitment done?

What are the economic consequences of the underestimation of risks for companies but also for ordinary citizens?

What is the image and organization of Intelligence in Italy and abroad?

We look forward to meeting your questions!