ON AIR Defense: "Afghanistan, new geopolitical scenarios after the withdrawal of the West and the takeover of power by the Taliban"

(To Staff)

Wednesday 6 October at 21.00 pm we will return to talk about Afghanistan in a new episode of ON AIR defense.

What happened two months ago in South Asia cannot be interpreted and evaluated from below and above all from a short distance in terms of space and time. It originates from complex geopolitical dynamics and is a trivial result that had to be foreseen - and perhaps foretold - with greater vigor.

In the episode we will retrace the history of Afghanistan, of the freedoms of 50 years ago lost in the space of a few decades, of the inevitable Chinese domination, of the future of a country plunged back into the past.

We will do it with the participation of numerous guests and, as always, with your questions.


Qorbanali Ismael - Afghan Future Foundation
Farhad Bitani - Afghan writer and educator, last son of an Afghan army corps general
Gianni Vernetti - journalist, writer, former undersecretary for foreign affairs
Antonio Selvatici - journalist, writer, university professor
Claudio Cardelli - documentary maker, president of the Italy-Tibet Association