Alpha Experience Competition: a training day with the Alfa commander!

(To Giusy Federici)

"You know what I think? Following this course, if one thinks he is not capable of doing certain things, maybe he puts himself to the test, challenges himself and understands that wanting is power and that he who dares wins. I think, then, that in the end I will be able to make him pull out even a little character. It will also be a new experience for me, a mutual learning, because even civilians always transmit something to you ”.

To speak is the commander Alfa, who needs no introduction: among the founders of the Special Intervention Group, GIS, of the Carabinieri, he was the author, together with his boys, of actions in the name of legality that entered our history. The revolt tamed in the prison of Trani in the 1980, the release of little Patrizia Tacchella, the missions abroad like those in Iraq in Nassiriya, just to mention very few episodes among the innumerable ones in which she participated as GIS: the commander Alfa is a memory historical as well as a man of action and a great communicator.

The new experience, certainly particular, of which we speak, will be the one offered by the television channel Alpha 59, the television station of De Agostini which, with the new tranche of the Alpha Experience contest whose modalities are on the tv websitelink), from 7 to 20 October will offer the winner a training day with the Alfa commander.

The issuer has already offered civilians the chance to compete with Italian military excellences. An example for everyone, in Grosseto last July, at the home of the 4 ° Stormo Caccia of the Air Force (

“The idea is not mine, but of the creators of the De Agostini Alpha channel. They called me to make a documentary of a few minutes about me. So they came to Livorno, (home of the GIS, ed), we did the interview and, in the end, we simulated a break-in with guys I trained. I want to clarify, for those who watch that video, that those in action are not the GIS, but of young civilians who are part of a security agency that I have been training for some time.

It was born like this. We made this short video and then they called me to present their project, a training day with me for whoever wins their competition. I thought of something that could follow as many people as possible and opted for a sort of close combat in built-up areas, organized as a kind of airsoft where those who take part have fun "explains the Alfa commander. Training day that will be resumed by the broadcaster and then transmitted.

“I realize that at the beginning there will be shyness, I understand the impact of confronting a professional, but it will be my job to put you at ease, to make it clear that nobody will get hurt and learn so many things. And you can ask any questions you want. I believe, however, that those who participate will be a person who already knows what it is. In any case, the competition is open to everyone, from the housewife to the professional. And surely he will have fun. Because it will be a day not only with the Alfa commander but with so many guys, with whom he will gradually fit in, he will understand that he must not overdo it and with whom he will learn the importance of working as a team, of a sense of belonging and with which he can laugh, to joke and to share ".

Images: Alpha - DeA 59