Starting the Combined Joint European Excercise 2014


The multinational exercise "Combined Joint European Excercise 2014" was launched on Monday at the Istituto Superiore di Stato Maggiore Interforcements (ISSMI).

The activity, which will conclude the next 14 in May, simultaneously sees the homologous military institutes of France, England, Germany and Spain. In total, more than 900 will be involved among official visitors, civil staff and teaching staff.

The scenario of the exercise depicts a crisis situation in which the delegations of the five countries concerned plus a representation of students from the Italian "Mario Toscano" Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will have to plan the intervention of a multinational European force in a crisis area. The approach will be typical of European security and defense policy: multi-dimensional, inter-force, inter-agency.

"This is an important initiative that is part of the collaboration between European states in the field of military training and the dissemination of the European culture of defense and security - underlined the director of the ISSMI, general of air division Pierluigi Leornaduzzi, in the his address of greeting to the delegations present - A moment of professional growth for the military and civilians participating in the joint exercise but also and above all, a moment of confrontation and mutual knowledge, among those that tomorrow, I hope, represent the leaders of a single and common European defense tool! "

The Combined Joint European Excercise represents the most important of the multilateral activities that are carried out during the academic year by the frequenters of the homologous course with the Joint Institutes of the NATO countries, the partnership for peace and the Mediterranean area.

The ISSMI course is the first inter-agency training moment for senior officers of the armed forces and the financial police destined to take on particularly important positions in the major states, in areas of armed force, interforce and international. The course also includes a large number of foreign officers from European countries and NATO, friends and allies and civilian graduates, coming from the Roma Tre University.

Source: SMD

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