Innovative use of unmanned systems and application of artificial intelligence in an operational context

(To Army Majority State)

For the second consecutive year, Leonardo and the Training Command and Application School of the Turin Army have started the project called “Innovative use of systems unmanned and application of artificial intelligence in an operational context ".

The project, which was attended by 120 official attending the Army Application School of Turin, aims to identify innovative solutions to meet the operational needs of the Armed Force through the use of unmanned, self-driving systems operating in the three domains: land, air and sea and the application of artificial intelligence.

In the context of contest, officers have developed projects in the field of communications, mine clearance, through surveillance, drone research, logistics and transport. Assessment and analysis of operational needs, therefore, to seek effective solutions adhering to the various national and international contexts in which the Army is called upon to operate.

The "Army and Open Innovation" contest, in the presence of Laurent Sissmann, Leonardo's unmanned systems manager, ended with the examination and evaluation of the numerous projects by a commission, made up of military and company members, according to parameters such as idea, originality, applicability, feasibility, degree of necessity, industrial interest. "We are pleased to have contributed to the creation of this initiative" commented Sissmann and added "We thank all the participants for the innovative spirit expressed and for the quality of the proposals presented, as well as the organizers and the committee of the Italian Army for the unique opportunity to collaborate in the design of the solutions of the future".

Major General Salvatore Cuoci, Commander for the Training and Application School of the Army, in his speech underlined the need to continue on the path of innovation since "Continuous research is a key element for progress."