Hungary: multinational training for the Alpine troops of the Army

(To Greater Defense)

An intense week dedicated to the integration of combat capabilities with the contingents of the Allied countries operating on the south-eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance ended in the late morning of last Friday, for the Alpine Army Troops.

As part of the training progression that will lead to the validation of the NATO "Battlegroup" in Hungary, the men and women of the Alpine brigade Taurinense conducted two different training activities, a 48-hour continuous exercise with opposing parties called Patrol Storm, which was attended by the Italian, US and Croatian contingents and one Fire Observer Concentration for personnel assigned to control land fire from the Hungarian, Italian and US armies.

Both activities, with a high training return, had as a common objective the integration of the units of the various contingents, which have constantly worked side by side, as well as the refinement of knowledge and the correct application of techniques, tactics and procedures, standardized within NATO.

In particular, during the "Patrol Storm" exercise, in which an American infantry platoon and a platoon of the Croatian "Military Police" participated together with the Italian company, aspects such as the ability to plan and manage the command and control function in relation to the units placed in the dependencies, as well as the ability to combine indirect fire and obstacles in the conduct of defensive tactical activities and the ability to acquire enemy targets in any environmental condition.

The exercise called "Fire Observer Concentration", developed over 5 days of theoretical-practical exercises, instead gave way, to 30 Hungarian, Italian and American fire observers, to standardize the procedures for observation, request and management ground fire deliverable through artillery systems supplied to NATO.

The two important exercises allowed the Italian company set up on a 3rd Alpine regiment base and reinforced with components of the Nizza Cavalry regiment (1st), the 1st mountain artillery regiment and the 32nd sapper engineers regiment to further increase its ability to combat in synergy and constant integration with the units of the NATO countries present in Hungary.

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