AN ACIES 2019: over 1400 students in training

(To Army Majority State)

Besides 1400 students of the Army Training Institutes, of which 200 women, coming from the Application School of Turin, from the Military Academy of Modena, from the Non-commissioned School of Viterbo, from the Military Schools "Nunziatella" and "Teuliè", have trained simultaneously in 5 regions (Calabria, Lazio, Tuscany, Puglia and Valle d'Aosta) in the exercise called: "UNA ACIES 2019".

In the training areas of the Cesano Infantry School, the Army Chief of Staff - general of the corps Salvatore Farina, assisted along with the general of the army corps Giovanni Fungo - commander of the Command for Training, Specialization and doctrine of the Army (COMFORDOT), at some stages of the exercise, based on an articulated training course, started last 15 April and which will end on 28 July 2019, to then resume 1 September and finally close 24 November 2019 .

A federation of fundamental training activities for officers, marshals, official students, marshals and students of Military Schools to validate the level of preparation and efficiency achieved in the field and offer the country the best to contribute to guaranteeing security, both nationally and internationally.

The head of SME, addressing the personnel employed and the instructors present, expressed his satisfaction with what was observed in today's training and on the numerous occasions in which he attended the activities of the Army Training Institutes, sharing with the students the importance of training individual military capabilities, specialization and leadership of each commander. Continuing in his speech, General Farina then wanted to remind the young students how important the example and all the other ethical values ​​of being a soldier are: ... "aspects that will accompany you throughout your military career supporting you in the difficulties and constantly motivating you".

Infantry squads and platoons with small arms and departmental weapons, tactical transport, combat in built-up areas and forests, day and night patrols in the mountain environment, use of the main means and weapon systems supplied to the infantry (Dardo, Freccia and Lince), to the cavalry (Blindo Puma, Centaur and Carro Ariete), to the artillery (Pzh 2000 and FH70), conduct of a self-column with escort of roads, security of communications, cyber defense, procedures for biological nuclear defense, chemistry and environmental recognition and destruction of explosive traps, use of the means of genius (Bailey Bridge), use of field mobile equipment, selected patrol course and launch qualification with the parachute with restricted opening; these are just some of the activities that the students of the training institutes will engage.

The exercise is a focal event in the calendar of activities planned and organized by the Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine Command during the academic year, of fundamental utility for students who train in the field in conditions of high realism and difficulties, in order to test what was learned during the training course and find in the personal sacrifice and team spirit the ethical and moral characteristics typical of being a Soldier. The level of cohesion and the spirit of Corps, fundamental aspects in the life of a future commander of men, will be further enhanced during the next "TROFEO UNA ACIES 2019", which from 24 to July 25, will see the representatives of all the Training Institutes to compete in a competition for platoons at the Infantry School of Cesano di Roma.