"Safe roads": Drunk annoys passers-by in front of the metro station and attacks the military. Arrested

(To Op. "Safe roads")

An 44enne of Romanian origin was arrested following threats to a mixed patrol involved in the "Safe Roads" operation, consisting of carabinieri from the Ostia Group and soldiers of the Italian Army under the 11 ° Bersaglieri regiment of the Grouping Lazio Abruzzo a brigade guide "Sassari".

The man, in an evident state of intoxication, was stationed in front of the metro station "Lido Centro" in the company of a group of people, when it was noticed continuously annoying the passers-by.

At that point, received by the carabinieri the temporary expulsion order, the foreigner started to suddenly give up and, brandishing a broken bottle, threatened the military.

The man was immediately blocked and disarmed by the mixed patrol, arrested for resisting a public official and held in the security rooms of the barracks waiting for the validation hearing.