Road safety in Verona


The 85 Volunteer Training Regiment hosted the first of a series of information conferences on road safety addressed to the 450 Volunteers, of which 25 women, of the 4 ° Block 2013 which a few weeks ago started their basic training process.

Held by officers of the Municipal Police of Verona, the conference is aimed at countering mortality on the road, which particularly affects the range of young people between the 20 and the 24 years, and stems from the consolidated collaboration established between the Regiment and the Municipality of Verona . The speakers provided the young audience with some "golden rules" to be observed to prevent the risks that any road user may encounter, in particular focusing on the heavy social implications arising from the failure to comply with the Highway Code. '85 ° "Verona", Colonel Gianfranco Giuseppe Francescon, has for its part reiterated to young soldiers the relevant disciplinary responsibilities deriving from the infringements committed by the military personnel at the helm, even outside service hours. This important awareness raising activity, strongly desired by the Commander, started last year and will involve all the volunteers which, during the 2014, will transit to the Regiment and then be transferred for operational use to the Bodies and Departments of the Italian Army.

Source: Command for Training, Specialization and Army Doctrine