Security and management of emergencies


Yesterday at the 10 Transport Regiment of Bari, the company first aid course was completed in collaboration with the personnel of the Military Corps of the Red Cross of the Bari 11th mobilization center.

The course was attended by 25 soldiers of the 10th Regiment, now employed by the “Pinerolo” Brigade for a few months, belonging to all categories and representatives of all sectors. The training process also provided for the qualification of fire-fighting officer obtained at the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Bari. The qualified personnel will contribute to the training of emergency teams, identified by the Regimental Commander, Colonel Saverio Saiardi, who will guarantee the implementation measures to prevent and fight fires, evacuation of workplaces, first aid and emergency management, both within a military installation and in public utility activities for the benefit of citizens. consolidate the already excellent collaborative relationships with the Italian Red Cross and the Bari Fire Brigade.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces